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United States of Beer

January - May 2019

Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun!


As a Wisconsin native, I can appreciate a good beer - and as an illustrator I can also appreciate the art surrounding beer. Whether you’re looking at the vintage Guinness posters by John Gilroy, Ralph Steadman’s work with Flying Dog, or at the latest local craft brew, art is always around alcohol. Looking at these examples, there’s also a great sense of artistic freedom for those who make them - it is also clear that the artist’s vision is maintained and worked with to create the final product. Certain regions / beers also have certain looks.


Due to the advertising nature of this area, it seems fitting that travel posters can also be brought into the conversation. In the world of illustration, they are currently having a revival - along with reworked concert and movie posters. With the amount of regions and important cities woven into the history of the United States’ brewing it seemed equally fitting to highlight specific areas and make travel posters for them/ 


This project pairs posters of locations within major (or historical) beer regions / cities in the United States with beer branding / labels for these same areas.


All images © Michayla Grbich 

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