Michayla Grbich

Is a Midwestern Illustrator

Michayla Grbich is an illustrator with strong abilities and experiences   in gallery work, print design, surface design, branding, editorial illustration, promotional work, graphic design. She has over eight years of freelance / commission based work and art direction, is forward thinking in her work, and is always driven to execute the best possible work for the client and task at hand. Her work tends to focus on narrative based pieces, music, and appealing / thematic color palettes. She has a broad range of interests - from rock music, to animals, to nature, and loves to explore these areas within her work. 

For freelance or commission inquiries please email michayla.grbich.art (@) gmail.com

Thank you!

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Gallery Shows


Mall Dayz, Crazy4Cult, Idiot Box, Scream 25th Anniversary, 20 Years Later (2001)

Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA


The Tomb, The End Is Nigh

Light Grey Art Lab Minneapolis, MN.


World Roulette - Exhibition & Zine

Light Grey Art Lab Minneapolis, MN.


Gods & Monsters 2020 - Exhibition

Otherworldly Arts, Minneapolis, MN.


Field Study - Pop Up Exhibition

Modus Locus, Minneapolis, MN.



Work Selected for Exhibition

Made @ MCAD

2015 - 2019

MCAD Presidential Scholarship

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Selected Experience

Kohl's Intern - Jumping Beans (Boys) - 2018

Governor's Executive Mansion Logo (Wisconsin) - 2015