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Gallery Work

Ongoing - categorized by galleries I have worked with!

I have been lucky enough to have established a connection with the wonderful Gallery 1988 - a gallery based in Los Angeles, CA, which showcases pop culture as the centerpoint of their shows. So far, I have participated in Mall Dayz, Crazy4Cult, Idiot Box, Scream 25th, and 20 Years Later (2001) - and I will be participating in many shows throughout 2022. 

Gallery 1988 Shows

April 2021 - Ongoing

Light Gray Art Lab

August 2020 - September 2021

I have been able to work on several gallery shows with Light Gray Art Lab, based in Minneapolis, MN - and I feel very fortunate to have done so, as their original location was down the block from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and as a student I was always so inspired by the work of illustration luminaries that I had access to see on a regular basis - it is very full circle to now work with them. I have been in three shows - World Roulette (2020), The Tomb (2021), and The End is Nigh (2021) and hope to continue collaborating in the future. 

This illustrated poster series was created for Otherworldly Art Collective's 2020 Gods & Monsters show. I did a series of some of my favorite monsters from myth and legend, and enjoyed the results, as I tended to shy away from darker subjects and palettes before this series.  

Gods & Monsters

August 2020 - September 2020