July 2019 - Ongoing!

I tend to gravitate towards music; always listening to it, and often, always drawing those I listen to. In the vast majority of my portraiture, I tend to bring in influences from the works of the musicians I am illustrating; as it is the imagery within the songs that initially inspires me. I collect references from their collections and choose the most poignant - or the ones that feel the most true to the artist, and go from there. 

The first three (at the bottom - Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King) were part of a project called "Confessing the Blues". This illustration series depicts the myths and legends of American Blues music. The genre itself is rife with lore and larger than life imagery and is integral to understanding every genre that came to fruition after it, despite it being highly overlooked in the mainstream. The goal of the project is to celebrate the musicians that helped shape the genre - and those after it. 

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